Finalsite Composer

About the Interface

Finalsite created their own content management system and front-end site editing tool called “Composer”.  The editing tool allows user’s to edit the content of their site, and have full control over the layout of the page. They can also add dynamic content to their page, and use separate modules to update that content.


My role was to work with the Product Managers in the planning phases of the project, create wireframes, mockups and use SASS to style the interface.

Wireframes and Mockups

Some featured components to the Composer UI are device preview (simulate a device width within the browser),  page layout (set how many columns wide the page should be, along with assigning reusable banners to the top/right/bottom/left), add elements to the page and configure their settings (the main content building blocks), and have a left bar navigation to access the interface and a left pane navigation to access the pages and other dynamic page content.

The Finished Product



Finalsite Posts

A module that allows the user to create dynamic content and “post” it to their website.  Create dynamic post content through the manager, and configure which posts to show through the element on the page.


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